Becoming a CPH Discount Group

To get more involved with the CPH, a school, program, or organization would need to strongly encourage the CPH exam, or require the CPH exam as part of graduation.

The regular fee for the exam is $385. Organizations, schools and programs of public health and sponsoring employers can also sign up to participate in a bulk discount program. Schools or programs which commit to having the number of candidates equivalent to 20%, or 100% of its average graduating class, all candidates from that institution will receive a reduced exam fee of $315 or $250 respectively.

Members and personnel of the Association of Public Health Nurses, Army Nurse Corps, Army Public Health Center, American Public Health Association, Commissioned Officers Association, Navy Nursing Corps and the ASPPH Fellows receive a discounted price. Other employers should contact the NBPHE about the discounted fee schedule.

Here are some of the benefits:

Your students and alumni will pay a discounted fee for the CPH exam and receive free study materials.  When a student or alumni registers for the CPH exam and selects your school or program, they will see the discount reflected at the time of purchase. Vouchers are available. Discount codes will be provided to give students and alumni access to the ASPPH CPH Study Guide.

The NBPHE will provide your school or program with access to bi-weekly reports to help you to maintain your discounted status. These reports include functions to see where the students and/or alumni live in the certification lifecycle, from registration to payment to testing. These reports also can be used to prompt student and alumni education and graduation date verification in the AMP portal.

Your school or program can use the CPH score results to determine strengths and weaknesses in your school or program’s curricula, based on how the students and alumni are faring in each of the domain areas. Score reports are given to the school or program broken down by the individual, by the exam date, by domain areas, and against the national average.

CPH scores are sent by e-mail, password protected. No longer wait for the mail.

Discount schools and programs have quick and easy access to statistics in the CPH Gateway Dashboards. Coming soon, the NBPHE will launch the CPH Gateway Dashboards that will give CPH discount schools and programs access to comprehensive data on their CPH students and alumni across the lifecycle of their examinations against other peer groups, with easy export for CEPH re-accreditation audit documentation.

It’s easy to sign up:

  1. E-mail us and let us know your school or program would like to participate in the discount program.
  2. NBPHE Staff will set-up a conference call with you to tell you how the program works and which discount your institution would be eligible to receive.
  3. NBPHE Staff will provide you with customized promotional materials, the CPH flyer, vouchers, the CPH Candidate Handbook, the CPH Content Outline and other resources to disseminate to your students and alumni.
  4. The NBPHE will provide you with a discount code so that your students and alumni can have free access to the ASPPH CPH Study Guide.
  5. The NBPHE will set up a 1-hour process webinar or in-person presentation for the beginning of each semester for your students, alumni and/or faculty to walk them through the process of registering, preparing for and sitting for the CPH exam, along with the guidelines and process for CPH recertification.
  6. The NBPHE will work with you to get the most participation from your student body to continue to professionalize the field of public health.

If you are interested in how to get your school or program involved in a group discount, email

CPH Discount Schools, Programs, and organizations:

For a list of schools, programs, and organizations that are currently offering a discount for the CPH exam, visit CPH Group Discounts.


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