Disease Intervention Specialist Certification

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What is DIS Certification?

A Disease Intervention Specialist (DIS) is primarily a non-licensed public health professional with applied expertise in preventing the spread of infectious disease at the community level. DIS accomplish this by delivering a comprehensive set of client-centered services necessary to provide equitable access to recommended testing, treatment, and prevention resources.

DIS Certification assesses the competence of disease intervention professionals, offering evidence of essential knowledge and a standardized benchmark for skills. Certification requires continuous professional development for maintenance.

The DIS Certification Program is scheduled to launch in 2025!

Value of DIS Certification

Earning the DIS certification validates your knowledge, skills, and abilities as a nationally certified Disease Intervention Specialist. Certified DIS professionals in the workforce reduce risk and enhance community protection and public health safety. In addition, DIS certification allows employers and other stakeholders to identify individuals with the competencies needed to perform their role or task.

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Get Certified

The DIS Certification Program is due to be released in 2025.

Professionalizing the role of Disease Intervention Specialists is the core work that we do. Certification elevates and promotes DIS to:

  • Stay current in DIS best practices
  • Meet national professional standards
  • Invest in their career
  • Increase their potential
  • Distinguish themselves from their peers
  • Go beyond their formal education

How to Get Involved

Advancing disease intervention specialists and their professional skill set requires a commitment from DIS professionals.

We are often seeking DIS professionals to serve on volunteer committees, and when positions are open they will be posted here.

These are excellent opportunities to share your knowledge and skills and to network with colleagues in your field.


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DIS Certification Governance

Thanks to the many volunteers that serve on our governing councils, SME teams, consultants, and committees. Your work and commitment are instrumental to the development and implementation of the DIS Certification Program.

DIS Governing Council – NBPHE Board of Directors: The DIS Certification Program is governed by the DIS Governing Council (NBPHE’s Board of Directors). The DIS Governing Council is responsible for the policies and procedures of the DIS Certification Program.

DIS Certification Advisory Committee: Members of the DIS Certification Advisory Committee focus on the goals of the DIS certification, challenges facing the DIS workforce, how the DIS certification will be administered, and develop a plan to ensure sustainability of the certification.

DIS Job Task Analysis Committee: These are subject matter experts who assist with development of the survey instrument, review the body of knowledge, and finalize the job analysis with NBPHE’s testing vendor.

DIS Item Writers: Item writers develop questions and collaborate with NBPHE’s testing vendor in the development of the DIS certification program.

Public Health Workforce Pipeline Development Consultants: These consultants provide expertise on the ensuring the DIS workforce pipeline is well-equipped and assist in identifying training needs.

Regional Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Justice Subject Matter Experts: The DEIJ subject matter experts help identify regional disparities in infectious disease control.

The Disease Intervention Specialist Certification Program is supported through funding from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) through a Cooperative Agreement awarded to the Association of Schools and Programs of Public Health (ASPPH) and sub-awarded to the National Board of Public Health Examiners (NBPHE).

Thanks to our DIS volunteers, funders, and strategic partners in supporting the development of the Disease Intervention Specialist (DIS) Certification Program.

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