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Why Get Certified?

The Certified in Public Health (CPH) is the only credential of its kind for public health that demonstrates not only your knowledge of key public health sciences, but also your commitment to the field through continuing education focused on emerging and established public health issues. The CPH credential distinguishes you as a public health professional at the cutting edge of an ever-evolving field.
Be the public health professional that the public needs! Get CPH Certified!

See complete eligibility requirements and view the CPH Candidate Handbook.

Benefits of being CPH:

  • Stay current on best practices and education through the user-friendly maintenance of certification program
  • Assure the community which you serve/protect that you've met and maintain a national, professional standard
  • Increase recognition of the public health professions
  • Demonstrate commitment to public health beyond your academic training
  • Show public health expertise by evidencing mastery of the core sciences of public health
  • Protect the public by staying current in public health
  • Distinguish yourself from others
  • Advance cohesiveness and collaboration with your professional peers by starting from a common foundation
  • Raise the visibility of public health

Public health professionals need to stay at the forefront of their field. This is accomplished by thoroughly understanding the interaction between the different specialized areas of public health, learning new strategies to cope with disasters, and constantly working to stay ahead of any threat. The CPH credential helps public health professionals to achieve these evolving goals.

There are two parts to the credentialing process:
  1. Meeting eligibility requirements and passing the CPH exam, and
  2. Maintaining the credential by obtaining and reporting continuing education activities through recertification, every two years

The CPH exam acts as a standard benchmark to measure an individual’s grasp of contemporary public health topics, which is needed as schools and programs have various graduation requirements. The recertification process elevates public health professionals to be on par with other health professions’ maintenance of their licenses, certifications, or credentials. The CPH code of ethics, which all CPH professionals must agree to uphold, assures that essential services are delivered based on evidence and equity.

The inaugural CPH exam was offered across the world in August 2008. To date, more than 4,500 individuals have passed the CPH exam. Join us in raising the bar for public health. Get CPH Certified!

To maintain certification, CPH professionals must earn and report 50 CPH recertification credits every two years starting with the first year the CPH is awarded. Click here for more information.