Job Task Analysis Survey

In 2014, the National Board of Public Health Examiners conducted a job task analysis (JTA) to validate the knowledge tested by the CPH examination. A JTA is a carefully constructed survey used to determine the body of knowledge that a segment of a profession’s workforce needs to know to competently perform their jobs, and typically, a JTA is the basis for developing a credentialing examination

An advisory committee of mid-level employers was assembled to define the target audience, develop the survey instrument, assist with the distribution of the survey instrument, and evaluate the results.

The NBPHE received 8,100 responses, 4,850 of which were completed sufficiently to be included in the final analysis. The report below includes an analysis of the respondents as well as an overview of the responses.

Based on the results of the JTA process, the NBPHE board of directors is considering changes to the content outline. More information will be posted here when it is available.

JTA Survey Distribution Organizations

JTA Report

JTA Advisory Committee

Use JTA Data

Article on CPH Job Task Analysis process published in Public Health Reports 2017

Article on Relationship between CEPH, PHAB accreditation criteria and CPH domains published in Journal of Public Health Management and Practice 2018

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