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Reversibility and Mutability Research: Approaches to Reducing Health Disparities
UCLA Center for Health Policy Research
The improvement in unfavorable health trajectories in mid-life and beyond is the motive for reversibility research and the reason it has already attracted the strong interest of NIA and other funding agencies. The range of long-term outcomes of early adversity is broad. Of most interest to minority aging researchers may be general medical health and well being, emotional and behavioral self-regulation, optimism, economic planning and security, cognitive reserve, satisfying and productive social
Offering Format(s): Workshop Participation
Domain(s): Health Policy and ManagementSocial and Behavioral SciencesDiversity and Culture
Distance Learning: No Credits: 4 Location: San Francisco, CA USA
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Additional Information: Presented by Resource Centers for Minority Aging Research Supported with funding from the National Institute of Aging Grant R13-AG-023033 In Collaboration with: Gerontological Society of America on Minority Issues in Gerontology Committee For more information contact Porsche McGinnis at 310-794-9494 or