CPH Job Task Analysis

A job task analysis (JTA) is a carefully constructed survey used to determine the body of knowledge professionals in a field need to know to perform their jobs competently. It’s an industry-accepted process that defines the knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed to perform a job, and is used to create training and education curricula, like the Certification in Public Health.

The best practice for certification boards is to update the content outline at regular intervals. The National Board of Public Health Examiners (NBPHE) conducts a JTA every five to seven years to update the CPH examination. As public health professionals’ work changes over time, this process ensures CPH candidates are being tested on tasks performed in the field.

Job Task Analysis Data

The NBPHE is making the Job Task Analysis (JTA) data available upon request to public health professionals and organizations wishing to analyze the survey results. Students* are also encouraged to use this data set to satisfy a research/practicum requirements. The data set includes 4,850 responses which include:

  • Demographic profiles
  • Highest academic degree earned
  • Current employment profile
  • Ratings of 160 tasks commonly performed in public health

Requests for JTA data must include:

  • Name and contact information of requestor
  • Description of:
    • How data will be used
    • Planned publications or presentations using the JTA data
    • Timeline for use of data

Requests should be sent to [email protected] from a commercial email address. Requests from free email service accounts will not be considered. Requests also should include a copy of the signed data use agreement.

*Requests for students must be made by faculty advisor.

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