The Benefits of Being a CPH

Why Should I be Certified in Public Health?

By becoming certified in public health, you solidify your dedication to meeting and maintaining a national standard, agree to adhere to professional values, and follow a core standard body of knowledge, while distinguishing yourself from other professionals in the field. With this you help raise the bar in public health and set standards consistent with the expectations of the public.

Benefits of Being CPH:

  • Stay current on best practices and education
  • Meet and maintain a national professional standard
  • Increase recognition of the public health professions
  • Invest in your career
  • Evidence mastery of public health sciences
  • Potential for promotions and salary increases
  • Distinguish yourself from peers
  • Go beyond your education
  • Raise the visibility of public health

Demonstrate to public health employers and leaders that you have mastered key contemporary public health sciences, by going beyond your education and choosing to sit for and successfully pass a voluntary examination.

Be the public health professional the public needs. Distinguish yourself as a public health leader. Sit for the CPH exam today and get Certified in Public Health!

“My CPH certification is a valued and cherished affirmation and testimony on a personal and professional level to the experiences and opportunities that I’ve encountered during my nursing career serving in Public Health. This CPH credential will be the credential I maintain throughout my career as others fade away or become irrelevant, plus it adds such sparkle to my BSN.”

– Pamela, BSN, RN, CPH, CCHP

Public health professionals need to stay at the forefront of their field. This is accomplished by thoroughly understanding the interaction between the specialized areas of public health, learning new strategies to cope with disasters, and constantly working to stay ahead of any threat. The CPH credential helps public health professionals to achieve these goals.

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