CPH Messaging & Materials

Messaging the Key Benefits

These key messages can be used as talking points with students, taglines to be promoted through the school or program, or as answers to the frequently asked question “Why should I earn the CPH credential?” The NBPHE created these materials to make sure people receive accurate information about the CPH. The following are a few suggestions on how to use and incorporate the materials:

  • Distribute and keep stacks in gathering areas and main offices (Admissions, Dean’s, Director’s, Advisor’s, Faculty, Student Lounges)
  • Include in student welcome/orientation bags
  • Post in an elevator
  • Add to graduation materials and awards reception materials

Why the CPH Matters

As many public health workers are preparing to retire in the coming years, it is essential to ensure the quality of our new and current public health professionals. The Certified in Public Health (CPH) credential will help fill this skills-gap by demonstrating the credentialed professional’s mastery in all five core competencies of public health, plus the additional cross-cutting competencies. CPH professionals are also required to maintain the credential through continuing education and staying abreast of contemporary issues and best practices. Learn more about what others have to say about the CPH’s importance on our Testimonials Page.

Certify Your Commitment to Public Health

You embarked in the field of public health to make a difference in the lives of individuals and communities. As the field of public health grows and its mission becomes more defined, it is crucial for public health professions to demonstrate their commitment to its evolution and the CPH is the next logical step in your professional development. By becoming certified you demonstrate your commitment to keep current on the science, adhere to the professional values and distinguish yourself from other professionals. Through continuing education and ongoing professional development opportunities, the CPH allows you to certify and solidify your dedication. With this, the entire field is elevated to new standards and the health of the public can continue to be enhanced.

Stay Ahead. Get Certified

The practice of public health is continuously changing as new scientific advancements and discoveries progress the field. The CPH takes over where school leaves off. Through the maintenance of certification program, you are provided opportunities to stay ahead of the new developments in public health. The CPH sends a message to employees, colleagues, and the public that at any given time, you are prepared as a public health professional, current in the skills required on the job.

Raise the Bar. Get Certified in Public Health

As reports claim that large numbers of public health workers will be retiring in the coming years, it is more essential than ever to ensure the quality of our new public health professionals. Increasing awareness about the importance of public health and public health professionals is fundamental for the forward progress of the field. The CPH demonstrates the certificants’ mastery in all five core competencies of public health, plus the additional cross-cutting competencies. Those who are certified raise the bar and enhance the public health profession. By elevating public health professionals to a high level of skill and competency, the health of our public and our world benefits greatly.

Why do Employers Care about the CPH?

“As a public health administrator in both local and state health departments, I often was responsible for hiring decisions. I found a great deal of variability in the form and content of graduate degrees in public health. The CPH is a credential recognizable by employers providing assurance that an applicant possesses a solid knowledge base in core public health content areas routinely used in practice in health departments”. – Diane L. Matuszak, MD, MPH

Promotional Materials

The Certified in Public Health (CPH) credential is the only credential of its kind for public health that demonstrates not only your knowledge of key public health sciences, but also your commitment to the field through continuing education focused on emerging and established public health issues. The CPH credential distinguishes you as a public health professional at the cutting edge of an ever-evolving field.




CPH Candidate Handbook

NBPHE is available to present to your student body, alumni, faculty, and/or your personnel or public health members. We will conduct a 1-hour informational webinar, or in-person presentation, covering everything from determining eligibility, exam contents and study materials, exam dates and locations, along with what happens after you pass the exam, continuing education, and CPH recertification.

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