CPH Recertification

CPH Recertification Process & Requirements

The CPH recertification process fosters life-long learning, professional development, and the promotion of public health. All CPHs must report at least 30 recertification credits within their 2-year recertification period. Extensions are available in three-month increments. If audited by NBPHE, you must submit documentation of earned recertification credits.

View Tips & Tricks for Recertification

Here are some simple tips to integrate into your recertification plans to make the process seamless and beneficial.

Review the Activities Credit Guide

Many CPHs earn credits through their job, volunteering, and other activities. Check the resources below to see how many credits you can earn for each activity. If you’re unsure, email [email protected] for assistance.

Explore Ways to Earn Credits

There are many options for finding recertification credits. These resources can help you in your search:

More Opportunities to Earn Credits

Do not limit yourself to the three resources above. Qualifying activities for recertification credits include continuing education and professional development opportunities. Research activities that interest you. Join our private CPH Professionals Group on LinkedIn to discuss with peers, join our Book Club to discuss public health books, or attend our Webinar Wednesday series. Design a certification and learning process that enriches your path.

Track and Report Your Earned Credits

You now need 30 credits for recertification, an average of 15 credits a year. Log your progress regularly at CPH Central to stay on track. Extensions are available in three-month increments if necessary.

Complete and Submit Your Application

Once you’ve entered all your credits and have the necessary documentation, submit your recertification application. Pay the $95 recertification fee and agree to uphold NBPHE’s Code of Ethics. Enjoy the recertification process, learn new things, meet peers, and contribute to the field of public health. We look forward to your continued involvement in the CPH community!

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