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CPH Retired Status

NBPHE offers CPH-Retired status for individuals who are no longer working in the field of public health and who would like to retain their connection to their credentials and the organization.

To apply for CPH-Retired status, your certification should be active and in good standing. Email your request to info@nbphe.org.  The request should include a statement confirming that you are no longer working in public health.  Upon approval, you will be asked to pay a $95.00 conversion fee.

Those in CPH-Retired status should use the designation “CPH-Retired”  You will continue to receive CPH updates and can continue to participate in the CPH LinkedIn Group.

Please note that Retired Status is not permanent. Should you rejoin the public health workforce in the future, you will required to either submit recertification credits through your retirement date or take the CPH exam again.

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