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The CPH Content Outline will be modified on January 1 2019.    New resources for the new content outline will be available approximately November 1, 2018. In the meantime, we recommend the following study materials to help you prepare for the CPH exam.

NBPHE Sponsored Resources

  • Content Outline
    The content outline is a road map of the areas of knowledge which are tested by the CPH exam. It provides the topics of test questions which may appear on the exam.
  • Sample Exam Questions
    There are sample questions, closely modeled after the CPH exam, available for your review.
  • Practice Exam
    This free practice exam consists of 50 questions taken directly from the retired CPH exam question bank. You may take this practice exam as many times as you wish. After completing the practice exam, you will receive a summary of your performance by domain area and an itemization of the correct and incorrect responses to each question.

Other Resources

  • CPH Study Sessions Webinars
    ASPPH hosts free periodic review webinars on the core areas.
  • ASPPH CPH Study Guide
    ASPPH publishes an online CPH study guide which includes overviews, practice exams, sample questions and definitions of each of the domain areas. One-year access is $39.99. (Discounts may apply)
  • Coursera
    Coursera offers a variety of free online courses in public health in addition to many other subject areas.
  • Learning Institute
    A 2-Day Certified in Public Health Exam Review Course offered by the Learning Institute of the 2018 Annual Meeting of the American Public Health Association

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