Recertification Requirements

The CPH recertification process is meant to foster life-long learning, professional development, and promotion of the public health profession. CPH recertification credits should focus on continuing education and professional development opportunities. Topics for CPH recertification credits must directly address at least one of the domain areas of the CPH exam.

Schedule for Maintenance of Certification

To maintain certification, CPH professionals must earn 50 CPH recertification credits every two years starting with the first year the CPH is awarded. The certification process is on a two year cycle and must be re-certified on alternate years by December 31 to ensure maintenance of certification. There is no carryover of recertification credits; credits reported must have been earned in the current recertification period. A renewal application fee of $95.00 is due each recertification cycle.

CPH professionals are also required to agree to and uphold the CPH Code of Ethics.

Recertification Activities

CE Activity Quick Reference Sheet

Attending Public Health Professional Events

Conferences, workshops, webinars, leadership institutes, and seminars, including face-to-face, audio/videoconference, and online delivery. Credit shall only be earned for individual sessions focused on CPH areas of competency. Time on general sessions, refreshment breaks, and social events shall not count. CPH can earn a maximum of 8 credits per day for full-day programs.

Attending Public Health College or University Courses

Graduate-level college or university courses and programs (e.g., face-to-face or online) taken for academic credit which result in a passing grade. Summer institutes are also allowed under this category. Courses and programs under this category must be related to the content of the CPH exam.

15 CPH recertification credits per semester-long class or summer program; 10 CPH recertification credits per trimester or quarter-long class.

Attending Coursera Courses

Completed Coursera courses that are related to the domain areas of the CPH exam.

1 CPH recertification credit per week of the course. The course must be completed for credits to be earned. A five week course, when completed, will earn five CPH credits. A twelve week course will earn twelve CPH credits.

CPH Book Club

Participation in the CPH book club earns 5 credits per year.   Instructions to join are found in the recertification portal.

Instruction, Writing or Professional Contribution

  • 10 credits for each formal grant application written and approved.
  • 10 credits for each peer-reviewed article, chapter or book written and published (limited to authors who made substantial contribution to published document.)
  • 10 credits will be earned for participation each formal grant review session. (limit of 20 credits per recertification period)
  • 6 credits for participation in a formal public health mentoring program.
  • 6 credits for each full day of participation as a site visitor in a CEPH, CAHME or PHAB site visit or training as a site visitor.
  • 6 credits for each new multi-day course. Course must be newly developed and delivered by CPH to be eligible for credit.
  • 5 credits per year for participation in the CPH book club (instruction on joining are found in the recertification portal)
  • 4 credits for each new one day workshop or seminar that is instructed. Workshop/seminar must be newly developed and delivered by CPH to be eligible for credit.
  • 1 credits for each presentation or guest lecture given in a formal public setting. Presentation must be newly written/developed by speaker to be eligible for credit.

Residencies and Dissertations

  • Medical residency – 25 credits per year are earned during a medical residency.
  • Dissertation – 25 credits per year while working on a dissertation.

Public Health Fellowship

Participation in formal public health fellowship training programs will earn 15 recertification credits per year.

Experiential Activities

Credit may be earned by volunteer experiential activities.

Please email for more information.

Earning Other Certifications

Earning a certification in public health other than the CPH or a related field may earn 10 recertification credits.

Earning public health related certifications may count up to 10 credits towards CPH recertification. You may only count your awarded certification once during the lifecycle of your CPH. However, continuing education/recertification activities that may be reported to maintain other public health related recertification may also count towards CPH recertification, assuming they relate to the domain areas of the CPH exam.

Item writer for CPH exam or CPH study guide (through CE Partners only)

Item writers are needed for all the Certified in Public Health content areas. Each year, the NBPHE recruits volunteers from public health professionals with an active CPH. Item writers generally serve a term of no more than two consecutive years, though they may serve multiple terms over their career. An annual call for item-writing volunteers is posted on our website, Facebook page, and linked in group.

10 CPH credits per year

As reported by the NBPHE or CE Partners.

Volunteer/Leadership Service Activities

Non-compensated public health activities provided as service to organizations other than the CPH employer (e.g., service as a board member for a public health organization, volunteering at a public health service event, etc.) General membership in an organization shall not count.

1 credit per hour of service activities. An additional 2 recertification credits may be earned for each leadership position (e.g. board or committee chair) held during the recertification period. This category is limited to a maximum of twenty hours per recertification period.

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