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CPH Recertification Process & Requirements

The CPH recertification process is meant to foster life-long learning, professional development, and promotion of the public health profession. All CPH’s must report at least 30 recertification credits within their 2-year recertification period. Extensions are available in three-month increments. Additionally, if audited by NBPHE, you must submit documentation of recertification credits earned.

Tips & Tricks

Here are some simple tips and tricks you can integrate into your recertification plans right away to help make the process seamless and beneficial to your public health journey.

Activities Credit Guide

Many CPHs earn credits by work they do at their job, volunteering, and much more. Take a look at the resources below, learn how many credits you can earn for each activity, and get creative with your credits! When in doubt, email, we are always happy to assist in determining if an activity will count or not.

Search Credit Activities

There are many options for finding recertification credits that fulfill some of the credit options you found in the Activities Credit Guide. These three great resources are here to assist you in your search, along with your own resources.

CPH Activity

Our growing database of credits compiled just for you to make your recertification process easier.

TRAIN Learning Network

If it’s listed on TRAIN, it counts. Search TRAIN’s robust database for activities right for your recertification process.

Public Health Learning Navigator

A great resource to search for and find credits that will count towards your recertification.

More Credit Activities

Do not feel limited by the three resources above when looking for viable credit activities. Qualifying activities for recertification credits include continuing education and professional development opportunities, as well as everything mentioned on the Activity & Credit Guide. Research what interests you and see what credit-earning activities exist. Join our private CPH Professionals Group on LinkedIn and discuss with your peers what they’re doing. Or check out our Webinar Wednesday series where we have a topical monthly webinar that you can earn  recertification credit for. Above all, design the certification and ongoing learning process that enriches and benefits your path.

Report Credits

Eligibility has been adjusted from 50 credits to 30 for recertification. That’s an average 15 credits a year, set in our 15th year of the Certification in Public Health! All CPH must report at least 30 recertification credits every two years. Extensions are available in three-month increments is necessary. A great way to not fall behind is to regularly log your progress at CPH Central.

Submit Application

All of your credits should now be entered, and you should have available all documentation relating to your credits at this point. Now it is time to submit your recertification application. You will be prompted to pay a $95.00 recertification fee and asked to agree to up- hold the CPH Code of Ethics when you submit your application. And it’s as easy as that! We hope you enjoy the recertification process, with all you can learn, the peers you can meet, and the progress you help make for the field of public health. We look forward to you being part of the CPH community for years to come!


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