Board Member Spotlight: Paul Halverson

In our last newsletter we announced leadership changes for NBPHE Board of Directors. We want you get to know a bit about our board members and we’re starting by highlighting our new Chair, Paul Halverson, DrPH, FACHE.

Dr. Halverson, who was recently appointed Dean of Oregon Health & Science University – School of Public Health, has been a part of the CPH credential from the very early stages. And you might be surprised to learn that he joined the credentialing conversation to oppose it! When first conceived, the CPH was going to be limited to graduates of accredited schools and programs of public health. Dr. Halverson recognized that the public health is composed of a workforce representing many different backgrounds, many of whom are professionally trained. “The reality is, we need a credential that is inclusive of a variety of public health fields that acknowledges the professional and academic pathways taken to build our strong and talented workforce,” said Dr. Halverson.

Looking ahead to the next several years, Dr. Halverson believes one of the main priorities of the NBPHE Board of Directors should be encouraging all schools and programs in public health to require the passage of the CPH exam as a part of the successful completion of a public health degree, and to see a greater number of jobs requiring the CPH at a leadership level. Dr. Halverson shared, “People working in public health have a responsibility to renew their knowledge and to have a curiosity towards the advancements and trends in the field. Obtaining and maintaining the CPH credential shows the necessary commitment required for life-long learning.

“The pandemic shone a bright light on the massive needs we have in terms of public health infostructure and the continued efforts that need to take place in our workforce for the current and next generation of public health workers.”

Before being named Dean of OHSU-PSU Dr. Halverson was the Founding Dean of the Fairbanks School of Public Health from 2012 until January 31, 2024, and is now Professor Emeritus. Dr. Halverson came to Indiana University from the Arkansas Department of Health where he served as State Health Officer and Director. Prior to his appointment as State Health Officer, Dr. Halverson served in senior management roles at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention including as Senior Advisor in the Office of Strategy and Innovation, Senior Scientist and Director of the Division of Public Health Systems Development and Research, Director of the CDC’s World Health Organization’s Collaborating Center for Public Health and Director of the National Public Health Performance Standards program.

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