CPH Content Outline

The CPH exam is a timed exam, consisting of 200 questions. You have 4 hours to complete the exam. All questions on the exam are multiple choice and single-best answer. Some questions include a series of questions related to a common vignette; and associated pictorials or charts. CPH exams administered through December 31, 2018 are based on the domains below. The current content outline presents 173 knowledge areas organized into thirteen knowledge domains.

CPH Domain Areas through December 31, 2018
General Principles 12.5%
Core Areas
Biostatistics 15%
Environmental Health Sciences 15%
Epidemiology 15%
Health Policy and Management 15%
Social and Behavioral Sciences 15%

Cross-Cutting Areas 12.5%
Communications and Informatics
Diversity and Culture
Public Health Biology
Program Planning
Systems Thinking

Starting in January 2019, the CPH exam will follow this content outline.

CPH Domain Areas 2019
Evidence-Based Approaches to Public Health (10%) Communication (10%) Leadership (10%) Law and Ethics (10%) Public Health Biology and Human Disease Risk (10%)
Collaboration and Partnership (10%) Program Planning and Evaluation (10%) Program Management (10%) Policy in Public Health (10%) Health Equity and Social Justice (10%)

The new content outline was developed following a Job Task Analysis conducted in 2014 and is reflective of the tasks performed by the public health workforce. Study materials for the new CPH exam content outline are being developed by partner organizations. More information will be posted when available.

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