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CPH Practice Exam #1

This CPH sample exam was developed using questions from previous CPH exams. The format and the level of difficulty are representative of the CPH exam. For a complete list of topics covered on the CPH exam, please see our content outline here.

You may take as much time as you wish to take this practice exam. Keep in mind the actual CPH exam has 200 questions and you are allowed up to four hours to take it. Candidates wishing to take this practice exam under similar time constraints should take no more than one hour.

Once you begin, you will see the first question and four answer options. You can navigate through the items using the     and icons, or by clicking on the “Not Answered” or “Completed” numbers in the left menu panel.

If you wish to flag an item to review later on, you can click the icon. To go to your flagged items, click on number underneath the icon.

Click on the  button when you have finished taking the practice exam. After typing “I Understand,” you will receive a summary of your performance by domain area and an itemization of your selections along with the correct responses to each question.

You may take this practice exam as many times as you wish. This CPH practice exam should be regarded as a diagnostic tool to assess strengths and weaknesses, rather than a study guide for the examination. Please note that the score on the practice exam does not in any way predict a candidate’s score on the certification examination, and the utilization of this tool is not a requirement for eligibility or for success in passing the certification examination.

Click the button below to begin the practice exam.

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